Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yes, I still BLOG!

Hi peeps!

Sorry for not being a good blogger and keeping you up to date on all the fabulousness that is my life!

Here is what you missed:

Highs -
- Jay Z opening night at the new Barclay Center in Brooklyn !!!!
Jigga my #igga!! lmao!!!

-New York Fashion Week c/o my homie E Money!!! Yea you heard me right... Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!! I saw Arise Magazine's Fashion Icons Show and I'm still speechless when people ask me how it went!! Pics to follow shortly I promise!

- I met June Ambrose and I am re-inspired by how crazy and yet down to earth this DIVA is! She seriously seems to have it all and want that for myself!
{Cue music: T.I. - Motivation}

- Saw my first and my LAST episode of Tamar Braxton's show and now I cant stop saying: GET YOUR LIFE! Has anyone else seen this foolishness?!

and lastly:
- My birthday month has begun and I am GLOWING!! 25 looks good on ME don't you think?!

After recapping my HIGHs who the F cares about my Lows!? Hahahhaa! Nite!

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